Snow Guards:

Ice and snow build up can release from yoour roof unexpectedly, when the weight of snow and ice are combined with a slight warming from the sun. Snow guards prevent Ice and Snow from falling off of your roof in a mass slide. Ice and snow can build up enough mass to tear gutters off of fascias, damage landscaping and cause serious injury to someone below.
Snow guards on a metal roof


Downspout Fasteners:

We use only down spout clips and cleats. (NO UGLY STRAPS)
Our down spout fasteners are stronger and are almost invisible.


Screw-in hangers:

Massaro Bros. Seamless Gutters uses only the finest hangers and fasteners.

  • All hangers are screw in and invisible from the ground, are stronger and can handle much wind and weight from debris.
  • All fasteners are stainless steel and will not rust