Why do I need gutters?

Water infiltration is the second leading cause of home damage next to termites. Water must be controlled and directed away from your home. Water comes off of your roof at high velocity and penetrates the soil, decks, window sills, brick steps of your home. The constant cycle of deep moisture penetration with drying and freezing cause rot and heaving, and contributes to cracked foundations, and moldy crawl spaces. Controlling and directing water with properly installed and well-maintained gutters is a cost effective way to protect your most expensive investment. Your Home.


I have a “French Drain” do I still need gutters?

French Drains are great way of handling water at ground level and wicking water from your foundation. However, older French Drains get clogged with silt and debris. When this happens they need to be dug up and cleaned out, which is expensive and damaging to your landscaping. French Drains do not dissipate “splash back”. Splash back occurs when water is hitting the ground and splashing up against your house, causing staining and water infiltration.


Should I purchase gutter covers?

Every home is different. But, even a few trees off in the distance can contribute to clogged gutters. Wind carries leaves, pine needles and flowers from budding trees which can and do clog down spouts. If your home has tree canopy,  then gutter covers are recommended. Clogged gutters can cause water damage to your home’s fascia, siding, landscaping and foundation. Water from clogged gutters can find its way into your basement causing unhealthy mold and mildew.


Can I get different size gutters?

Yes. Different sizes, shapes and colors are available. Typically, 5” and 6” gutters are the standard choice and handle almost every rainfall event. Half round gutters and round down spouts also handle rainfall and help to match the style of certain homes.


I have gutters and they appear to work ok with the exception of a small section on my home. Can they be repaired?

Absolutely! Most gutter problems are caused by improper installation, outdated hanger systems and lack of cleaning. A gutter full of wet leaves can weigh 50lbs or more.


Does Massaro Bros. Clean out gutters?

Yes. We remove debris from your gutters and downspouts, blow off your roof and clean roof valleys. This periodic maintenance program can add years to your gutter’s life as well as to the life of your roof, fascia and soffits.


Can I have someone from Massaro Bros. Seamless Gutters evaluate my gutters?

Of course! That’s what we do. Call or email us at matt@massarobrosseamlessgutters.com and we will set up an appointment that is convenient for you to discuss your specific needs.